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Associazione InformaGiovani was established in 2001 and registered in 2002 by a group of volunteers running the youth info center of Palermo. InformaGiovani is coordinating body of a European network of different organizations aimed to promote volunteering as a tool for social action recognized by the EACEA (Executive Agency for Culture, Education and Audiovisual) of the European Commission.

InformaGiovani (IG) aims at:

  • fostering and promoting human and civil rights, with focus on the right to information and participation;
  • defending social and collective rights;
  • promoting local and international volunteering as tools for social inclusion and change.
InformaGiovani runs activities of information, training and counseling, seminars on EU programmes, on social volunteering and international co-operation. The association focuses on activities of social inclusion and rehabilitation of young people who are facing or are at risk of social exclusion.

Since 2008 IG organizes youth exchanges and international workcamps, involving hundreds of participants in local and international activities. It is accredited as hosting, sending and coordinating organization for EVS.

Since 2010 it has developed a close cooperation with organizations from Middle East (Palestine, Jordania and Israel), Asia (Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Honk-Kong), Latin America (Argentina and Mexico), and, currently, it has network members and partners in more than 30 EU and extra-EU countries.

Nowadays, the association manages an info-point in the city of Palermo, in a property confiscated from the Mafia obtained under concession by the Municipality of Palermo.

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Short Curriculum of the Association (English version)

InformaGiovani (Italian version)

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