Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Today we have a very special post to bring to you. Namely, we had an amazing opportunity to spend one day with the voluntaries and participants of Mosaicando, in Capaci.

They spread the knowledge and importance of recycling and reusing. To share the ideas with youngsters between ages 12-17 we prepared different games.
Probably the most successful one was “The Garbage race” – two teams had to race to divide different types of garbage into the right containers (plastic, paper, aluminum, indifferent). It turned out to be more challenging than expected and hopefully the right containers will be remembered.
We practiced our reusing skill with turning old -shirts into shopping bags
To finish everything we were sent off with dance and laughter. All of the group decided to give as a personalized performance, and quoting the participants "we are not a dance school, we don't dance good, but each hand every of our move has a meaning". 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Volunteering in Natural Reserve

First volunteering experience of two dudes one from Portugal and the other from Turkey in Italy. We have been volunteers for ten great days that we didn’t even realize how its passed. Our environmental activity was mainly in Natural Reserve Isola delle Femmine just half an hour from Palermo with bus.

Isola used to be watching tower for pirates at the same time with Cesar and maybe older. But now we are trying to make habitat on this Island with wild fig trees, palms, bushes and other native species from Sicily and trying to reserve the nature for local and migrant birds. At the same time we are supporting the life of species permanently whose live in Island eg. bees.

This is Airbee’n’bee J from Italian students who are helping in Natural Reserve

Our main task is planting several trees and watering the ones which has been already planted, making the protecting nets ready for the next plants. Almost fifteen trees we are planting everyday and watering almost twenty trees.
Isola was open to public 10 years ago and we still collecting trashes from those days. And with the sea more garbage arrives everyday. It seems a impossible task to keep the island clean because there are local problems with garbage that is being accumulated everywhere, in the streets, beach, sea, for years. According to Vincenzo who works there for 18 years  “ Work is never finished in Isola”.

Filling “il bidone” with Isola delle Femmine water.And organization’s monster Panda is helping us J

During the afternoon we are enjoying the sea, sun and the beach and during the evening the perfect sunset.

We all cook together especially pasta and everynight after dinner we have cinema section that we proudly build on the backyard. Called “Il Nuovo, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso”.

At the end we would like to say Thank you to Vincenzo, Salvo and Rosa for all the support, and to InformaGiovani and long term volunteers for all the support in Palermo. Finally we want to thank to our local sending organizations, GENCTUR in Turkey, and Casa da Juventude de Amarante in Portugal for the opportunity.

Giochi, ridi e vivi verde

How did our day start?

Ours started with our first workshop in Mondello beach!

It is easy to forget the most basic skills, like learning. Who would have thought that one day you might have to learn to learn. Thinking about it now, would you prefer to write things down, or listen to a speech. Maybe even learn when doing activities?

This is what our workshops are about. Learning to know yourself, all the way while getting knowledge about the environment around us. There are one million little things each of us can do to help reduce the tons of garbage we produce EVERY day.

Day 1
We gathered around  in Lido Valdesi to start playing  new and different games. Smaller kids got to experience new kind of game- where to put the garbage. They were very into it, so they laughed and were very curious about every detail. And guess what, it wasn't only for the kids!

We spent afternoon in Lido Hello beach having fun while at the same time meeting people all over Italy and sharing simple tips and ideas. How much time do YOU think it takes for a beer bottle to decay? (Helpful hint, take your answer and add couple of zeroes to it).

A normal day in the office

And this was just the beginning! See you in the next workshop!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Guess who's back, back again!

EVS short-term is back and now more excited than ever!
For the month of August in 2016 we have 4 volunteers, coming from Turkey, Portugal and Estonia.

Yigitcan: Italy lover Turkish dude. When life is serious and boring I just wanted to escape from business life. Volunteering is the only door. Till now tutto bene. Now it is time to experience new life and excitements in Palermo...

K├Ątlin - an artist who wants to see life of others and experience as much as possible: Life gets boring when you stay in the same country all the time, so travel around and see some new things.

Miguel - Portuguese guy, interested in science and nature with great expectations about the conservation work in the volunteering. Also searching for new experiences and meeting new people.

And the 4th musketeer is already familiar Kristina - after only a month I fell in love with Palermo and was lucky enough to be able to extend my stay here for another month.

So continuing where our predecessors left off, we will keep working hard on our projects and you'll be hearing from us soon!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Planting, planting, planting

Isola delle Femmine volunteers strike again.

What could be better from planting a small and fragile plant and watching it grow into a big and beautiful masterpiece? Sounds serene. Now add 40C heat and rocky soil and you will start to see our everyday - with all the joys and pains.

Something like this
While our first local project was amazing, this one turned out to be un-explainable. Colleagues became family. And all in the span of 10 days. We laughed together, we cryed together, we ate together and we slept together. It can go either very well or extremely bad and we became insepparable. A dream-team and a family.

Dream team
But all the while having fun, we probably worked harder than ever before. The ground became rockier and the distances farther, our skin became tanner and muscles bigger. 

Historical day on Isola delle Femmine - the first female palm tree to arrive on the island
There is only one thing left to add, and that is a reminder for everyone to take part and participate in different youth-exchanges. You never know how amazing something will be, after you have lived it.

Workshops about RRR

We have been promoting the RRR (recycle, reduce, reuse) in 2 centers - Centro TAU and San Giovanni Apostolo.

All 15 participants have been really active. They had the opportunity to play “race game” where they had to sort the trash correctly and put the waste in the right bins like “glass”, “paper”, “plastic”, “non-recyclable”. I think that they did it really well and they knew quite well how to recycle.

After this, we did a little quiz where they have to find the correct definition of the RRR, and then find which activities are suitable to RRR (for example “to compost organic food” is recycling or “use plastic bottles several times” is reducing).

Finally, we show them all the different tips and tricks about the environment and did some T-shirt bags! Here is the tutorial how to do this!

It seems that all the participants enjoyed the workshops and they were surprised to know all these facts. We didn’t reach as many people as we hoped, but maybe the people we saw will make a big change! And the last golden words from Michael Jackson:

"Heal the world,
Make it a better place,
For you and for me,
And the entire human race."

Marilin and Zaynab